– TAXATION: analysis and interpretation of fiscal law in order to appropriately     advice customers, preparation and bringing within legal deadlines fiscal   declarations related to taxes to which customers are subjected, followed by   payment operations preferably by banking line until the auditing of accounts,   recurrent an analysis of fiscal current account, obtention of official documents   delivered by the fiscal administration, defending the customer interests during   different fiscal controls.
– PARAFISCALITY: for all other taxes to be paid the treasury except the taxes the   Cabinet get involved with making some steps easier and managing the   relationship with different concerned structures of public Administration   (immigration department labour ministry and other important services)
– ADMINISTRATION: the expert of DEL PARTNERS has negotiated and set up   societies in several locations. It was entrusted with different control missions ans   helped ans defended its customers in several fields such as:
• Ministry of telecommunication
• Regulation authority
• Taxes
• Manpower or labour ministry
• Home ministry (immigration department, obtention of business visa)
• Ministry of commerce
• Etc.
DEL PARTNERS is made up of lawyers, auditors, skilled accountants and tax experts.
DEL PARTNERS has a well trained and experienced team tha surprervises and defend the interests of various local companies in different social file aspect.